Northeast Regional Gathering


North East Regional Gathering
September 23-25, 2011
The Garland Mill
Lancaster, New Hampshire

The Northeast Regional Gathering is being held in late September on the grounds of the historic Garland Mill in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Plans are shaping up and participants will have two wonderful events to choose between:

Scribe Workshop: Cohos Trail Shelter

Glenn Dodge will lead a timber scribing workshop that develops a trailside hiker’s sleep shelter as its project piece. Glenn’s instruction will inspire participants to practice layout and design using his challenging and rewarding techniques. There will be plenty of opportunity to learn for all—right in sight of the northern New Hampshire mountains where the completed trail shelter will be raised as a donation to the Cohos Trail Association.

Historic Timber Frame Engineering Workshop: 1901 Alden Barn Investigation

Janet Kane and Jan Lewandowski will take folks on a timber frame investigation of the 50 x 100-ft. Alden barn. Built over a century ago with timbers sawed at the Garland Mill this barn was an active dairy facility until the early 1980s. Though unused during the past few decades it has just been re-roofed and re-enlisted to serve as lumber storage. Participants will tour the entire structure with an eye toward the engineering, historic, and aesthetic elements at work in this proud structure.

Rounding out the weekend for all participants will be local food and drink, music, log rolling, axe throwing, sawmill tours, fall foliage, and more…

Come join us!

$55 per person includes workshop registration and three meals on Saturday. A list of local lodging (campgrounds, motels, hotels, etc.) is available through the Guild. To register, please reach the TFG office. Sign up here.

About our Workshop Leaders

GLENN DODGE grew up on a dairy farm in the small town of New Boston, New Hampshire and there fell in love with the many old timber framed hay barns on the property. Shortly after finishing his engineering degree In 1987 he started designing and building timber framed structures. Unwilling to stop learning, Glenn was soon studying the French Scribe system, ultimately modifying it into what has become the Plumb Line Scribe he uses exclusively.

JANET KANE is a structural engineer specializing in traditional timber frame engineering with mortise and tenon connections. Her professional interests focus on historical preservation—specifically steeples, covered bridges, and barns—the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of old structures, and new timber frame construction.

JAN LEWANDOWSKI is one of the most experienced historic timber framers in all of New England and many barns, covered bridges, and churches owe their health to him. Jan has also authored several books on historical timber frames and is an active member in the Traditional Timberframe Research and Advisory Group (TTRAG).

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Local weather forecast.

Friday September 23

–4:30pm-8:30pm:  Impromptu Gathering
All participants and families are invited to stop by The Garland Mill for a pre-workshop evening together. Meet the weekend’s hosts and participants. Wander the grounds. Soak up the surrounding landscape. Even bring your own picnic. A grill will be lit for anyone who wants to partake in a hotdog or would like to cook their own dinner.

Saturday September 24
(please note all food today is included with your registration fee)

–7am-8am: Breakfast
Begin the day with breakfast served at the Garland Mill.

–8am: Workshops Begin
Scribe Shelter and Alden Barn groups meet to begin the day’s activities.

–10am: Coffee Break
Coffee, tea, and nibbles are served during a brief break.

–12 noon-1pm: Lunch
Local farmers, bakers, and cooks will bring a north country lunch of fresh greens, baked goods, soups and more…

–1pm: Workshops Resume

–3pm: Apple Break
Snacks and refreshment arrive to energize you for a last push before dinner.

–5pm: Workshops End, Log Rolling and Axe Throwing Begins
Hang around until dinner begins and the opportunity to refine your log rolling and axe throwing plays out until dinner is served.

–6pm-8:30pm: Dinner and Evening Activities
The hard work is over and now is the time for well-earned food, cheer, and music. Dinner will be hearty, drinks will be varied, and campfire activities will be on hand for kids of all ages. Musical instruments are encouraged.  Please include your family this evening, and we ask $5 per child and $10 per adult if they would like to eat dinner with us.

Sunday September 25

–10am-12 noon: Garland Mill Sawmill Tour and Sawing Demonstration
Please consider joining us this morning for a tour of The Garland Mill itself.  This Civil War era mill is largely unchanged and still water powered and belt driven. After a good look at the above and below-deck works we will open the gates and saw some logs.

–Anytime: Timber Notching Work
There will likely be notching work still to do on the trailside shelter. Please feel free to spend time during the day working with us.


Accomodation Options

Below is a partial list of local accommodation options for participants and their families.
All listings are within a 20 minute drive of the Garland Mill.

Homestead Camping Sites, Lancaster, NH
Approximately ten tent sites are available free of charge at the Garland Mill and on the property of local homeowners. Facilities may be more primitive than a commercial campground. First come, first serve.
(Please arrange through Matt Hammon, phone: 603-631-0162, email:

Roger’s Campground and Motel, Lancaster, NH
6 miles, 603-788-4885

Lantern Resort Campground and Motel, Jefferson, NH
5 miles, 603-586-7151

Motels and Inns
(note: campgrounds above offer motel accommodation)

The Cabot Inn and Suites, Lancaster, NH
6 miles, 603-788-3346

Coos Motor Inn, Lancaster, NH
5 miles, 603-788-3079

Skywood Manor, Jefferson, NH
5 miles, 603-586-4491

The Mountain View Grand, Whitefield, NH
11 miles, 866-434-3843

The Spaulding Inn, Whitefield, NH
11 miles, 603-837-9300