At the core of our success as designers and builders is a group of people (and a few dogs) who work hard together to solve day to day problems and execute thoughtful design in an efficient and convivial manner. Here is the current batch of folks who work together to make what we do happen.


Over the years Garland Mill has been fortunate to have had many really wonderful people work with us in one capacity or another. The alumni gallery is a start at posting pictures some of these folks. We’ll add more as we dig up more pictures. Former employees now run such varied ventures as an organic farm, an acupuncture practice, an engineering department at a manufacturing company, a nurse… one even runs a nursing home … several employees have gone out on their own to open their own timberframe businesses…a tech director at a local school district graces the rolls of our alumni as do a pilot and a doc filmmaker, an artist and a physical therapist…  the list goes on.