Lakeside Timberframe

Little Averill is an unspoiled mountain lake in northern Vermont. Stan and Susan have owned a few acres with shorefront here for many years. They always camp on their land during summer months, cooking in large field kitchen of Stan’s design. A small dock, a kayak, a canoe, and a fire ring provide the right kind of entertainment. But colder spring or fall weather limited time they would choose to be there. And winter–when they arrive via a long ski or snowshoe across the lake–typically forced them to make only day trips.  Wanting to spend more time on the lake, they longed for a more permanent destination. It was time to build on the land.

The building’s footprint was to be small but there seemed no reason not to have some fun with it. We designed arch-brace trusses that rise up and over the living space much like the hardwood canopy outside. Horizontal roof and wall members are sheathed with vertical pine boards. The broad gable end, free from crossing structural members, allowed for a generous glass face. Tree trunks, green leaves, and shimmering lake are brought inside, framed by the curved arched truss and linear patterns of small pegs.

With a screen porch off one side for summer days and the main frame insulated for winter’s chill, they are realizing their four season dreams on Little Averill.